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Losses can exceed deposits - the Financial Spreads affiliate program
We run our in-house affiliate programme run via

13 Reasons to be an Affiliate

  1. Competitive Payments - we offer competitive and tiered CPA commission schemes.

    A revenue share option is available to regulated parties.

    See for details.

  2. Regular Client Offers

  3. Tight Spreads - our spreads are competitive e.g. EUR/USD at 0.7pt and UK 100 at 0.8pt

  4. Remarketing Means Affiliates Benefit - when we remarket users referred to, our cookies don't write over affiliate cookies.

    I.e. we spend money on remarketing and affiliates still earn the commission.

  5. Online Affiliate Stats - these include clicks, impressions, new accounts (live and demo), trades and commissions. Affiliates can run multiple websites from one affiliate account and separate their data on a site-by-site basis.

  6. Strong Brand - established in 2007. 'Financial Spreads' is a good quality brand and that helps conversion rates.

  7. Trust - regulated by the FCA.

  8. Bespoke Landing Pages - there are bespoke landing pages for spread betting, CFDs, forex and commodities focused affiliates.

  9. Getting Started is Quick and Easy - it is quick apply to the affiliate programme and simple to get all the tracking links, HTML5 adverts, logos etc.

  10. User-Friendly Trading Platforms - this helps referrals become active.

  11. Mobile-Traffic Friendly Application Pages - both our Live Account and Demo Account (practice account) application pages are responsive, i.e. it's easy for users to apply via their mobile phones.

  12. Low Affiliate Payment Threshold of £180 ($220)

  13. An Affiliate Programme Made by Affiliates - the program has been created by experienced affiliates, they have created a fair and balanced scheme.

For more details and to become an affiliate, please see

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