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Recent Mentions in the Press


- Video: FinancialSpreads' Adam Jepsen surprised markets ignoring possible Trump win, 1 November 2016

- FTSE 100 wipes out post-Brexit losses as market bounces back, 30 June 2016

- FTSE Wipes Out Post-Brexit Losses As Market Bounces Back, 29 June 2016

- FTSE 100 wipes out post-Brexit losses as market bounces back, 29 June 2016

- Global stock markets rally as Brexit fears abate, 29 June 2016

- FTSE 100 regains all its losses since shock Brexit vote despite recession fears - as it happened, 29 June 2016

- London stocks wipe out post-Brexit losses as fears ease, 29 June 2016

- SPANKED! Financial Spreads founder laments 'sadomasochistic' City, 24 June 2016

- Die Märkte haben sich bereits entschieden, 23 June 2016

- Brexiteer hedge fund boss Crispin Odey: The EU vote is closer than markets think, 22 June 2016

- Comment la City se prépare au possible 'bain de sang' du Brexit, 21 June 2016

- How to Trade EU Referendum Night, 21 June 2016
Sky News

- Video: Financial Spreads founder urges caution ahead of UK referendum, 21 June 2016

- Brexit: la finance britannique se prépare è une nuit blanche pour le référendum de jeudi, 20 June 2016

- Im Sog der Meinungsumfragen, 20 June 2016

Recent Financial Spreads Market Commentary

Monthly Trader Rebate, 19 October 2017
Monthly loyalty programme for all clients. Get a rebate on your trading costs of up to 20% each month....read » market commentary.

UK Election Spread Betting, 8 June 2017
To see our latest 2017 UK Election spread betting markets please login to your Live Account. You can also access prices via a free Demo account...read » market commentary.

December 2016 US Rate Rise Seems Less Likely, 10 November 2016
There is certainly speculation around the markets that there won't be a US rate rise in December. The theory is simple. Although the markets didn't have a post-Brexit-like panic...read » market commentary.

Volatility Warning and Quick US Election Trading Guide, 8 November 2016
The VIX (volatility index) has been hitting its highest levels since the UK referendum and investors planning to trade the US election should take extra care...read » market commentary.

Hedge Funds Risk-On Despite Danger of Trump Presidency, 7 November 2016
The most obvious answer seems to be that the hedge funds are taking a longer-term view. They seem willing to ride out the possible short-term storm and think the markets will...read » market commentary.

Traders Ignore 30% Chance of Trump Being Commander-in-Chief, 6 November 2016
If Trump is made Commander-in-Chief then I wouldn't be surprised to see a quick 3-5% fall in the Dow Jones and S&P 500. The dollar could also see a sharp fall...read » market commentary.

Clinton Not Guilty: Financial Markets vs Betting Markets Discrepancy, 3 November 2016
The main question for Clinton is whether she can quickly wipe the email story from voters' memories. Not surprisingly, both the financial markets and...read » market commentary.

Complacent Investors Ignore Clinton Emails at their Own Risk, 31 October 2016
With Friday's news that the FBI is looking into Hillary Clinton's emails again we saw brisk selling of the US dollar, Dow Jones and S&P 500. However, those markets are now back ...read » market commentary.

US Election Update: Temporary Changes to Margins and Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders, 28 October 2016
Much like we saw with the UK referendum, any political fallout will only increase volatility in the financial markets. Particularly if the unexpected happens...read » market commentary.

Classic Trading Signal Suggests Decisive Move at the US Election, 28 October 2016
The US S&P 500 index is showing a classic symmetrical triangle pattern on the one day chart (see chart below). According to technical analysis theory...read » market commentary.

Double Trouble For the Markets if Trump Wins, 27 October 2016
At the moment, it looks like Hillary Clinton is firmly priced-in to be the next President and that might be a reasonable assumption. However, the markets appear to be far too complacent with regards to...read » market commentary.

Gruelling Presidential Campaign Should Hurt Trump the Most, 23 October 2016
Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls, many of the battleground states and one large bookmaker has already paid out on Hillary becoming the next US President. However, she is often only 3-6% ...read » market commentary.

The Law of Unintended Consequences Holds True and Scotland to Pay for New Wall, 11 July 2016
A large part of the Brexit vote will have been an anti immigration / protecting the UK's borders vote. The irony here is that the Brexit could open a new 96 mile land border with the EU...read » market commentary.

The UK has no Plan B (and there was no Plan A either), 11 July 2016
The UK can look forward to an extended period of uncertainty (aka low investment)...read » market commentary.

UK Housing Sector Shows it is Easy to Put Investment Decisions on Hold, 11 July 2016
The UK housing sector is a microcosm of the problems that investors face. It can be difficult to value investments in normal market conditions, with the current ...read » market commentary.

Investors Should Ignore Political Lies at Their Own Risk, 5 July 2016
Some people take what politicians say with a pinch of salt, others heavily discount their views, many simply ignore every word. Investors don't have that luxury....read » market commentary.

The Markets Aren't Calm, We Are in the Eye of the Storm, 29 June 2016
Any investors who think the markets have calmed down should think again. It is far more likely that we are in the eye of the storm. Not a single issue has been resolved. ...read » market commentary.

FTSE 100 Supported by Weak Pound and Caution, It's Not One Way Traffic, 27 June 2016
The lack of post referendum clarity is creating an opaque view of the future that will keep investment in UK PLC on hold. With all the unanswered questions we are likely to see an extended period of volatility in UK focused markets like...read » market commentary.

How Did the Markets Get the Referendum So Wrong?, 24 June 2016
There could be a horribly simple explanation for why the markets called the referendum so badly. 1) We had a false self-fuelling prophecy rather than a self-fulfilling prophecy. 2) Key data was ...read » market commentary.

Post EU Referendum Market Moves: FTSE 100 Futures Open 9% Down, 24 June 2016
FTSE 100 Futures have just opened 584 points lower at 5716. That's a 9% drop. This will be a market gap i.e. when the market jumps from...read » market commentary.

Are Private EU Referendum Exit Polls Driving the Markets?, 23 June 2016
At Financial Spreads it still feels like the calm before the storm. Trading volumes remain low. However, despite the referendum being the biggest risk event I can remember, the markets seem to be in risk-on mode...read » market commentary.

Referendum Traders Beware, Remain Has Not Won Yet and Potential Market Moves, 20 June 2016
The financial markets seem to be ignoring the risks and taking the latest polls as the actual Referendum result. Yesterday, the FTSE 100 closed about 150 points higher and sterling gained...read » market commentary.

You Already Have An Inherent Trade on EU Referendum, 20 June 2016
From a 'pure risk' point of view, the unknown consequences of leaving the EU mean that many of us already have an inherent position on the outcome of the referendum. According to the bookies there ...read » market commentary.

Risk-Reward of Trading the Referendum is Horribly Skewed, 15 June 2016
Like many market events, we have been looking at how investors could trade the referendum profitably. For short-term investors it is tempting to trade the UK referendum, the volatility is appealing. However...read » market commentary.

Trump, Clinton and those Fickle Financial Markets, 4 May 2016
A week ago I commented on how The Donald had been outmanoeuvring his Republican opponents and that Hillary Clinton should expect two more manoeuvres....read » market commentary.

Donald Trump Feints Like a Boxer, 28 April 2016
The Donald has outmanoeuvred his Republican opponents again. Hillary Clinton should expect two more feints...read » market commentary.

US Presidential Primaries Could Give Investors Some Welcome Respite, 19 February 2016
With all this noise we may not see any clear stock market movements as a result of the primaries or caucuses as Trump, Hillary & Co. fight for delegates....read » market commentary.

Recent Financial Spreads Press Releases

Financial Spreads Launch New Monthly Trading Rebate, 9 August 2017
Clients can get a rebate, up to 20%, on any trades, including forex, commodities, stock market indices and single shares...read » press release.

Financial Spreads Makes Two Important Changes to Improve Guaranteed Stop Orders, 20 October 2016
Financial Spreads now only charges investors if the Guaranteed Stop order is triggered. This means Financial Spreads clients are not charged for using Guaranteed Stops if they...read » press release.

Financial Spreads Increases Capacity by 500% to Cope with EU Referendum Trading Volumes, 23 June 2016
On a normal business day 95-99% of trades to go through the FinancialSpreads.com website and mobile apps. In order to cope with...read » press release.

Preparing for the Referendum and Possible Market Move, 22 June 2016
We could see unprecedented levels of volatility. If so, that could increase the downside risk for investors and therefore make it more difficult for them to trade profitably...read » press release.

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